July 26, 2017

I have begun to notice a recurring issue when it comes to obtaining the correct provisional entitlement'(s). I am going to run through some of the questions below and hopefully answer any queries that you may have when starting the HGV/LGV process.


How do you know which provisional entitlement you need?

How do I check if I have got any provisional entitlements? 

Which box to I select for Cat C?

Is the provisional entitlement free?



So if you take a look at the image on the left hand side this is what your D2 application form will look like in section 1.


If you are looking at driving any of the following categories: Category C (CLASS 2) & CATEGORY C+E (CLASS 1) then please pay close attention. 


As it may be your first provisional application you may be unaware that Categories C, C1, C1+E, D & D1 are free to apply for. 


Some students choose to apply for all of them so that they don't go wrong. 


Now the main issue that we are beginning to see is that students are marking X  C1 with the intention of driving Category C (CLASS 2). This is becoming a regular occurrence. You wouldn't think that this would be an issue however students are booking a weeks course for Category C (CLASS 2) costing between £900-£1500 and attending with the C1 provisional. Which results in them not being able to driver train as it is illegal to learn to drive with the incorrect provisional entitlement and also the loss of course costs. 


As a company we are not that harsh and will enable our private students those who have booked directly with us to re-arrange providing that we can cover the time slot with other work. Although not all students book direct. Some students will arrange their courses via a broker or 'middle man' company. These students will be unable in most cases to get courses re-arranged or refunded. So that small X in the box can really be accountable for quite a lot! 


You're now wondering why the companies don't check these entitlements prior to training? It is the students sole responsibility to be prepared for their courses with the correct entitlements.

However these entitlements can be checked very easily!


When you arrive at your training school they will ask you for your national insurance number so that they can check your entitlements currently held at this point it is too late if they are incorrect so get ahead of the game and be prepared! Check what vehicles you can provisionally drive here:


Hopefully I have cleared up some queries & saved you a few bob! 









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