How do I get a job?

Your wondering whether your investment for your LGV/HGV licence is going to be worth while and concerned that you might obtain a licence and not be able to do anything with it.

Some of the questions that I am regularly asked are 'How do I get a job', 'Will you help me get a job', 'Is there a demand for new drivers', 'Is there a shortage for new drivers'.

Now I don't have the answers to those questions as I work as a training operations manager in the LGV industry however I am regularly asked to refer my newly passed students through to other companies.

Larger firms such as food chain suppliers tend to have their own in-house training schemes with a job at the end of it however you will have to sign into a contract that might tie you into the job for 3-5 years and obviously some sort of re-payment scheme will also be in place.

Smaller companies and local driver agencies call me quite regularly looking for drivers new and old with plenty of availability with regular hours and also consistent shifts. Most driver tend to go self-employed if they plan on heading down the agency route. Agencies used to have and probably still do have a bad stigma with regards to work however with the industry changing on a daily basis the agencies have also had to adapt to accommodate and of course to still make money. This has resulted in better wages, better hours and them taking a smaller percentage or cut.

If you do plan on taking up HGV/LGV as a new career don't expect to be given the ideal shift in the ideal location at the ideal rate of pay straight away unfortunately that is something you will have to work on and earn. Experience is quite helpful when getting work however companies have also had to adapt to taking on and assessing newly passed drivers due to the growing influx of students wanting to obtain their LGV/HGV licences.

But all in all the best thing to do when it comes to work is ask & enquire 95% of jobs are obtained through word of mouth so don't be afraid to ask around and call people up!


Currently we have got some availability on Class 1 work with immediate start. Self employed rate of pay Mon - Fri £13/hr, Sat £18/hr & Sun £24/hr. 50-60 hours per week.

Please contact Nigel on 01902 866494 for any questions & enquiries.

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