You can drive any vehicle up to 7.5 tonnes and tow horse boxes, caravans, boats or motorbikes. Another common reason for taking the C1+E test is it is a common requiremnet for those people seeking employment in the breakdown and recovery sector.




Our most successful courses are those within the 12 - 20 hour bracket, as these course's generally provide us enough time to adequately cover all the training points mentioned above. Obviously the shorter the course, the less in depth we can cover the training points above.


Please remember when deciding which C1+E training course would suit you best, that if you try to select a shorter trailer training course to try to save yourself money, you may not pass your C1+E test first time, and may end up spending more money on re-tests than if you selected the most appropriate course for your skill level in the first place. If you are unsure about which C1+E course would suit you best, then please contact our office where we will be more than happy to listen to the experience you have and help you make an appropriate choice.



The Category C1+E training courses (7.5 tonne & trailer) are aimed at those people who already have their Category C1 licence (7.5 tonne licence), but would like to drive a vehicle between 3.5 tonne and 7.5 tonne vehicle with a trailer over 750kg.


Once you pass your C1+E test, you will also be able to drive any vehicle up to 7.5 tonnes with a trailer over 750kgs, providing the combined maximum weight does not exceed 12 tonnes, and the Maximised Authorised Mass (MAM) of the trailer does not exceed the MAM of the towing vehicle. Once you pass your C1+E licence, you will also automatically get Category B+E entitlement (car and trailer licence) as well.




Your course will typically be split up into 4 hours training per day, with your test being taken on the final day of your course, where you will receive 1 hour pre-test warm up training,




Your training will consist of verbal and practical training for the following:


  • Improving your general driving skills to make sure they are up to the DVSA "driving test standard"


  • Showing you popular test routes you are likely to encounter as part of your driving test.


  • Teaching you about the reversing manoeuvre which you will be required to do as part of your practical test.


  • Teaching you the "show me / tell me" questions which will be asked at the beginning of your test.



  • Teaching you how to un-couple and re-couple the trailer correctly as your examiner will expect to see this.







The C1+E test will be taken in the same vehicle in which you do your training in.


The test starts off with the examiner asking you some vehicle safety questions, and is immediately followed by the reversing excercise however this could be done when you return from your practical drive.


You then proceed to spend the next 50 minutes - 1 hour driving on the public road, going over through the test routes you will have practiced during your training.


During this time on the road your examiner will assess your ability to interact with other road users in a safe and appropriate manner following correct road traffic procedures.


Upon returning to the test centre, the examiner will ask you to un-hitch & then re-hitch your trailer as the final part of your test.


The examiner will then tell you whether you have passed or failed your examination.