Category C1 7.5tonne training



If you passed your car test prior to 1997, you will have this entitlement already by rights. If not then we can offer the training required to obtain this category.



In order to attend any of our Category C1 courses, you must be at least 18 years of age and have a full unrestricted manual Category B licence (car licence). Once this is obtained, your first step is to attend and pass an LGV medical test. You should be available to arrange for your local GP to conduct this medical, however we can arrange this for you.


When attending your LGV medical examination, you will need to take a form D4 along with you, which is a medical examination report form which your doctor will need to complete. The D4 Form can be downloaded here from the DVLA website, or can be obtained from your local post office. We also provide the forms in our office.


Once you have passed your LGV Medical Examination, you must then make an application to the DVLA for your Category C1 provisional licence. In order to make this application, you will need to complete a Form D2, which can be obtained from your local post office, or can be ordered online from the DVSA.


The final step you must complete before attending our LGV training course's is to sit and pass your LGV Theory Test, which can be booked online at the DVSA's website, or by calling the DVSA booking line on 0300 200 1122. When booking your theory test you will need to book both LGV Multiple Choice and LGV Hazard Perception. It is also recommended that you book your LGV CPC at this stage, but it is not essential or required for you to pass this theory test before taking your practical training or LGV practical test. You can obtain the LGV theory tests online at the DVSA's website.


Try this website for revision






The C1 licence is slightly less common these days, as hauliers upscale their fleets to meet rising demand. However, we know that some people still need it. If you're training to be a Paramedic, own a small Horsebox, work for a supermarket, own a small business or work in the removals industry, this may be the licence for you.


With a Category C1 Licence you will be eligible to drive an LGV of between 3,500kg and 7,500kg. You can also add a trailer of no more than 750kg. This vehicle is commonly known as a 7.5 ton, Class 3 or C1, and is typically used for making local supermarket deliveries, or removals.


The training takes between 4 and 5 days, depending on experience. Once you've got the licence, we would expect you to be able to earn a starting salary of £20k per year, rising with experience.



C1 Courses


We offer a range of Category C1 training courses to accomadte drivers with different levels of experience. All of our 7.5 tonne C1 courses are provided on a 1-2-1 basis, ensuring that you receive 100% of the instructors attention without the pressure of any iother observers.


Please remeber when deciding which C1 training course would suit you best, that if you try to select a shorter C1 cousre to try to save yourself money, you may not pass your Category C1 7.5 tonne test first time, and may end up spending more money on re-tests than if you selected the most appropriate course for your skill level in the first place.


If you are unsure about which LGV course would suit you best, then please contact our office 01902 866510 where we will be more than happy to listen to the experience you have and help you make an appropriate choice.


Please also consider the LGV Category C course (HGV Class 2), as the test is exactly the same, only in a slightly larger vehicle, but once you have successfully passed the LGV Cat C test you will not only automatically be award your C1 licence, but will also be awarded your Category C entitlement which will allow you to drive any rigid vehicle up to 32 tonnes.




The Test


The C1 7.5 tonne driving test will be taken in the same vehicle in which you do your training in. The test starts off with the examiner asking you some vehicle safety questions, and is immeadiatly followed by the reversing excercise. You then proceed to spend the next 50 minutes - 1 hour driving on the public road, going over through the test routes you would have practiced during your training. During this time on the road the LGV examiner will assess your ability to interact with other road users along.


Once you have successfully passed your LGV Category C1 practical test, you will then obtain Category C1 on your driving licence which will entitle you to drive any rigid vehicle up to 7.5 tonnes.